Sunday, July 1, 2007


hello,today was pretty same old for me nothing really exciting happend to me at work,same old like customer trying million items in the store and ended up just buying a pair of socks,urgh!but its okey it's part of the job,i reached my sales goal though so i'm i got home like around 8:30pm and John decided to grill some ribeye steak he got from a local meat shop here in coconut grove,it was delish with a side of potato salad,coleslaw and apple sause,(hence all the calories in it!) who cares it the weekend and im going to the gym this week,so its all good.
so that's about it,i hope you guys had a great weekend too.summer has do not forget your sunblock lotion and umbrella...have a good night and sweet dreams.

p.s. we watched Ratatouille last night it was good,you guys should watch it.

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