Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bon Voyage

hello---this entry is dedicated for my friend,Edwin,i am very happy and proud to say that he's one of my very closest friend i treat him like a brother,he knows what i'm talking about.
we've been through a lot,good times, bad times and it's all good.
if you reading this,i love you very much and thanks for everything and i'm going to miss you,but i know you will be back here or if not i'm going to visit P.I. and i will see you there,maybe this Feb'08 for Sheila's wedding...who knows.
anyways hope you'll have a safe trip back,take care and God Bless...xoxo.
(photo taken at The Falls Mall,Miami,May 2007)

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LVOER said...

Emerald City Collection ba?