Thursday, July 12, 2007

Home Sweet Home

so today i googled "filipino restaurant" here in Miami and there's one,i can't believe it and it's located in North Miami Beach it's called Tatay's so i'm so excited to go and check it out,i got there with the help of John's Garmin C-340 very helpful,thanks "Jill" it's my day-off and im craving for some "chicharon bulaklak" aka fried pork intestine unfortunately they don't serve it there,what a shame.
but next door is the PK Oriental Store so i grabbed myself bottle of soysauce,coco vinegar,sweet chili sauce and pouch of tofu,i will fry that later for dinner with that sweet chili sauce,yum.
but right now i'm cooking pork adobo,so i better check the stove before i burn the casserole,i will see you later.

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spunky said...

"OMG" filipino food, the dreaded, exotic, artery cloggers with lots of highly bad cholesterol "fried intestine" or in other words chicharon bulaklak..oooohhh so gooooood, dont forget the vinegar...dude the drink "GINEBRA"....strong gay survive....dont forget to call 911 if you want to live longer....