Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bass Pro Shop

so today John decided to torture me since i have my day off he want to go Bass Pro Shop,it was funny because he knows that i do not like that place,but compromise like they all i did,its a different experience from other specialty store i've been to but it's all good,it's funny how i get excited if i go to the malls, etcetera you can see their faces so happy to be in that store but what can i say different strokes for different folks... ok this is all for now,dinner time...more updates when i get back.

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Should I?

i dont know if this is worth buying,i need some comments on these one.oh what the hell im going to buy these anyway but not right now,though,hopefully soon.
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Friday, June 29, 2007


hmmmm...i am here sitting on my chair and thinking what to write before i go to bed mind you with a two scoops of cookies and cream low fat ice cream im craving for something sweet after our dinner at this diner in Kendall i had a tuna cobb salad with bleu cheese dressing and unsweet ice with 3 packets of splenda...yummm.after dinner we decided to see Bruce Willis but sadly in the middle of the movie,it stopped and i guess they have some technical problems upstairs so we decided to go home and get our money that's all for now.thanks and more updates tomorrow.have a good night and sweet dreams.

Diamonds Are Forever

have a fabulous weekend guys...kisses.xoxo.

Thursday Night

hello hello its thursday and its wet,its been raining here all day so not a good day anyways i got off at 7pm so on the way home i was stuck in traffic on US1 then had to walk Petra, feed and play with her before i head out to the gym,for some reason it was not crowded so hooray for that so i did my routine then went to Pollo Tropical again for a late dinner (i know,i know) but what can i do i got stuff to chatting on the fone for hours with Francis and talk about LV,hehehe,okey this is all for now and it's bedtime,have a good night.sweet dreams.

oh bytheway my pictionary for tonight, i have this picture of Petra-ala-andy warhol inspired...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dinner at Pollo Tropical

hello,so yeah i decided to go to the mall today at Dadeland to get my haircut but my hairstylist was busy so he re-schedule me on Friday at 3pm,after that went to CVS Pharmacy did some 'lil shopping (airwick refill for only $1.99,great deal!!!) and did some window shopping on the way home i stopped by at Don Pan's bakery and got me some "enpaynada" yum,then took Petra for her evening walk then watched E! News then after that since i'm by myself tonight i decided to have dinner at Pollo Tropical ( a local chicken place here and no im stuffed, that's it for tonight and at 9pm don't forget to watch Larry King Live with Paris Hilton...good night.

Day off with Speedy30

good morning,wednesday here in sunny miami but today its cloudy and gray although its kinda breezy outside good day to walk Petra...also my day-off so im excited about that,i dont know my agenda yet,maybe hit the gym and go to South Beach or something,this is all for now,i will update you guys later today,have a good one.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hookah Night

Last Sunday (June 24),John decided to throw a Mediterranean dinner before his trip to Panama with his friends at work,he grilled shish-kabob, sweet and sour coleslaw and of course for our drinks i fixed my famous mojito and we had a great time,after dinner one of the our guest brought his hookah for dessert,actually we supposed to go to this gelateria in Cocowalk but its was 90 degrees outside so we decided to get the folding chair, light our tiki torches and some citronella candles and start burning the shisha

and my first time to try it it was not bad and its flavored too,strawberry-coconut.I'm not encouraging anyone but if you guys happened to visit any Mediterranean restaurant try and your visit will be complete.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


just thought to post this video,this is my fave song at the moment...enjoy.happy weekend!!!

Fairchild Garden

couple of weeks ago my botanist friend from Turks and Caicos visited Miami and the Fairchild Botanical Garden to get some plant species to bring back to his island so he called me and got a free ride to go to this beautiful and amazing garden,please check this garden you won't be disaapointed.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rainy Thursday

hello,hello...just got back from work its about 11:30pm its a long day and very exciting for us at our store its our annual "summer sale" so everyone is out and shopping, almost 50% off also
i reached my goal for tonight,on the way to work though it poured down rain like crazy so i have to wait in the car 'till it stop so i dont get wet and my tote.anyways i hope you had a good day too,like mine.
dont forget to stop by at banana republic.
i will see you there.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hot or Not

hello,its 9:54pm here in miami just finished dinner and killing time online and i was looking through my files and remember this hotness i am sure you guys remember him in that movie called "300" anyways i just want to pay tribute again to his highness...the king of sparta.

Happy Wednesday

hello there,its wednesday here in sunny south miami 86F to be exact,went to WinnDixie a local grocery store here and got some chicken for tonight to grill and some beeftips for shish-kebob for later,while writing this blog Petra is taking a catnap on my lap and it's getting warmer,but its okey i still love her,anyways im going to take a "siesta" too coz i just had my late lunch,have a good one.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


we went to the gym today did the treadmill for 40 minutes and 10 minutes of free weights,it felt good it has been two weeks so the first 10 minutes was hard,hehehe,but its all good,after that we went to Marhaba Mediterranean Cuisine had a greek salad and turkish iced tea,yum.
i recommend this restaurant,if you guys happend to be in Miami,go and try it.thanks.have a good night.

Marhaba Mediterranean Cuisine
5701 Sunset DrSouth Miami, FL 33143
(305) 740-5880

weekend in Washington,DC

my recent trip in Washington DC (june 14-17) with Francis,Apol,Wilfredo,Enrique and Angeliza.
i miss you guys.see you in Miami in August?!

Happy Birthday Edwin

we have to celebrate Edwin's big day in advance (july 12) because i wont be attending his party in San Jose,California

so we decided to suprise him...happy birthday to you my friend wishing you all the best,good luck,good health this year and many more to going to miss you when you go back to P.I. but i'm sure you will be back you.

Vizcaya Mansion

the Grand Vizcaya Museum and Garden,built by agricultural-industialist James Deering,located in South Miami. (Spring 2007)

South Beach

here we are on the beautiful and sunny South Beach,getting some tan,enjoying the waves and the beautiful blue sky.(summer 2007)

I Heart NY

This is a very memorable trip for me in NYC because i'm with my bestfriend, Edwin visiting me in the States,we had a blast and fabulous time. (may 2007)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Roman Holiday

my first trip to the Eternal City,its grand and fabulous. (Spring 2007)