Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Becoming Jane

i can't wait for these movie to come out on August 10 2007, Becoming Jane, starring the fabulous Ms. Anne Hathaway...don't miss it.

have a good night.

FDNY 2008 Calender

let us support our FDNY ,watch this video as they promote they're 2008 calendar to the public on the Today Show.

p.s. wait 'till the commercial is over.thanks.have a good one.

let us support them http://www.fdnyfoundation.org/

Please Beware

please beware of these "guys" they are on the loose...they're charged of battery,driving with a suspended license (hello,lindsay lohan???) and DUI (hello,paris hilton???)
what a HOT mugshots !!!

(photo credit: kennethinthe212.blogspot.com)

What If...

they look like these the "beckham's" would you still adore them ???

i would like to know...

(photo credit: planethiltron.com)


good morning to all just to let you know the "300" dvd movie is out for sale...now !!!
so go and hurry while supplies last.
have a good one to all.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Posting

usual sunday for me...work,work and more work...urgh !!!
how was your weekend guys ??? hope it was good and cool.it's getting warmer here now in Sunny Miami (don't forget your sunblock!!! ),anyways hope you all have good night. :-)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Car Wash

hello--- how are we all doing today??? its the weekend...yeppee!!!
well as for me...to start my weekend off right,why not give the pooch a bath...she neeeded one so badly...hehehe just kidding, then we decided to wash the car before i to go to work at 3pm, we are just finishing,darks clouds start to build up in the sky...it means its going to RAIN,urgh!!! everytime and no-miss its going to pour down after i'm done...don't you hate that...
anyway's that's all for now...im off to work soon and i will see you all later...have a good weekend.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Friday Everyone

have a freshly-brewed iced tea...enjoy.

Friday Night Out

Thank God It's Friday...hahaha...i am sure you guys are already dressed to the nine and heading out to your fave club,lounges and bars...sigh...as for me...im getting ready to go to bed 'coz i have to work tomorrow...urgh!!!
just remember: do not pull any "lindsay lohan" acts okey... be safe and dont drink and drive.

have a good night.sweet dreams.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

For the LVOE of LV

just thought of Francis when i saw this photo...

have a good night guys... -xoxo-

(btw...that is chad white,male supermodel)

Good Morning Kate

good morning everyone...how are we doing today,i hope everyone is doing fabulous,keep it up and stay cool. -xoxo-

what's wrong with this photo???

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ganda Mo Neh !!!

a big shout out to my FAB friend Wilfredo,hope you feel better soon,love you,biatch...

Dirty or Clean

i was browsing the internet and i found this blog and found this men in uniform in DIRT, a good DIRT, though...enjoy...
(thanks to Dan Kaplan for the photos)


good morning,how are we doing today??? its wednesday and the middle of the week already...what to do???what to do??? i think i'm going to read some fashion magazine to keep me update what's latest trend for Fall'08 i guess not so much in Miami,for sure i'm going to miss the fall outfits like sweaters,boots,coats etc...

anyhow...to all my fellow-filipinos that loves pinoy-showbiz-cheese-mix,i recommend you to visit my fabulous friend Chris' website ,very informative and innovative. (a big-shout-out to you,miss you friend !!! )

so this is all for now...have a great day and keep smiling... !!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Tuesday

hello hello --- Tuesday posting...well they used my "on-call" shift today because one of the big wig at work is visiting again to check on us,Fall '08 is coming to Banana soon...so we have to get ready and present our store to our clients...

on the way to Sunset Mall i saw this construction site...I've been driving there for long time and never seen that signage..WholeFoods is coming to Miami...im so happy at last a decent grocery shop will be opening here soon,thankgood-ness !!!

so that's about it and hope you had a great day too.good night.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Thank You !!!

oh my... congrats to myself/my blog it is the "200th visit" yepeeee!!!! (as of right now, 07/23/07 10:37 pm)
hopfully there is more to come...keep visiting folks and i appreciate it.
have a good night.

Monday Blues

monday+laundry+gym+petra = exhaustion (just kidding,nap time)

this is all for now...more updates later.have a good one to all...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Let them eat cake...

hey there...how's it going to all? hope you guys had a great weekend...i know it's Monday again...back to the real world,but its all good as long as we are alive and kicking... :-)
John decided to cook dinner,we got this pork-loin at Costco surprisingly its really good and juicy
and on the side he grilled some zucchini and eggplant...really yum.
and for our dessert he got some birthday cake from Winn-Dixie no occasion we just love birthday cake they're fluffy and sweet...hahaha.

so i hope you too are having great dinner like mine.have a good night to all.

oh btw...i saw this photo online cake from Manolo Blahnik,it looks good too.

(photo credit: bryanboy.com)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lovely Petra

here is a photo of my lovely pooch,Petra.
she'll be 2 years old in a couple weeks...

Madness at Barnes And Noble

oh my... i experienced last night the chaos the thrill the excitement of Harry Potter,apparently today is the final book release of Harry Potter's "Deathly Hallow" nationwide...

wow its very interesting that people are crazy over Harry...me personally i don't care about the book 'coz i don't like to read (hahaha!!!),but those geeks and avid fans are c-r-a-z-y ...they're dressed like Harry and the rest of the gang...wizard's hat,magic wand,glasses and all...so hopefully you got your own copy by now...or else...

by the way we watched Hairspray last night,its fabulous,John Travolta is one hell-of-a "mama"
he's so funny in the movie and he can pulled it off like a true mother to all,you guys should watch it,it's really worth it.

so that's all for now...have a good night to all.

here is the photo last night at the bookstore...

i was flipping the pages of Vogue's August issue i saw the new ad Campaign for LV...

Coconut Tree

hello there---saturday posting...hmmm...1st of all i just got home from work today we decided just to have fast food for dinner.
earlier though,i got a call from Ed the guy who will cut those damn coconut in our neighbours backyard that causing us problem,finally after weeks of calling him...urgh!!!
so that's my posting tonight.
so hopefully your saturday is better than mine.have a good evening to all.
i'll post the photo of that damn coconut tomorrow...its late and dark.

Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Friday

hello--- its the weekend again,its feels like it just monday the other day,as for me i am going to work this weekend,what's new??? (hello...jose??? i need some weekend off too,ookay?!?!)

i had to work early today at 9am !!! (omg) but got off early at 2pm then i went to Qdoba, a local mexican-joint here in Sunset Place Mall where i work,i had a naked buritto for lunch , i was starving so i need to eat ASAP,got no choice.

anyways this all for now...have a wonderful friday and the enjoy your weekend !!!

how cute is this little chihuahua...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brunette Red Blonde ???

hi guys...watch this intersesting VIDEO ... which one are you,the brunette, the red or the blonde ???
have a beautiful thursday...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What do you think Wilfredo ???

my new do...

so i need your opinion,love it or hate it???

What's inside the box?

here's another photo of my Speedy30 bag inside the car with a new "friend" on the side...


so today i decided to go to Regis to get my haircut from Miguel,i was early for my appointment so i decided to window shop around the mall, got myself a grande iced-tea from Nordstrom Cafe to quench my thirst and finally i purchased "something" from a store called,Louis Vuitton...

Happy Birthday Apol

happy birthday to you,friend!!!wishing you happiness,good health, more wealth this year and many more to come...see you in August !!!

Veggie Tales

good morning --- how are you guys doing so far? anyways i recieved an email from my friend in Virginia,thought i want to share it with you.are they cute or creepy?
have a nice day everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hectic Tuesday

hello there,just got home from work...11:55pm tuesday,we have to clean up and fix the store to its finest because one of the big-wig is coming to check our store and give us a score...hopefully we'll get a good one.
it's a long day for me...sigh...im tired and beat.so bed time for me guys,hope you guys had a great day.good night.

Thank You Card

oh before i forget i received a "thank you" card from my good friend,Edwin the other day,i think as of right now,11:52am he already touched down at NAIA (ninoy aquino international airport) so thank you too for visiting the US of A and me...love you.

here is the card...so cute.

Sunny Tuesday

hello,hello--- how are you guys doin'?hope you all having a great week so far,i know its only tuesday but make the most out of it...like go eat,shop,walk and just enjoy the heat of summer'07
as for me here pretty much the same nothing special going on...
so that's all for now,have a great day folks.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bon Voyage

hello---this entry is dedicated for my friend,Edwin,i am very happy and proud to say that he's one of my very closest friend i treat him like a brother,he knows what i'm talking about.
we've been through a lot,good times, bad times and it's all good.
if you reading this,i love you very much and thanks for everything and i'm going to miss you,but i know you will be back here or if not i'm going to visit P.I. and i will see you there,maybe this Feb'08 for Sheila's wedding...who knows.
anyways hope you'll have a safe trip back,take care and God Bless...xoxo.
(photo taken at The Falls Mall,Miami,May 2007)


just got home from work tonight and its a long day i started at 2pm 'till 11pm,but before that we went to Nordstrom Bistro for lunch had a great food there and of course we didn't miss their famous bread pudding,ohhhh so good,you should try it yourself,it melts in your mouth...literally.
then john picked me up at work and i need to stop by at mc donalds to get me a sundae hotfudge.so that's about it,nothing special this weekend.unfortunately i have to wake up early today at 8am to go this meeting at work,urgh!!!! anyways have a good one to all of you and stay cool.

p.s. july 14th is Gianni Versace's 10th year Anniversary...please pray for him.we missed him.
photo above was his used to be mansion in Ocean Drive now it's Casa Casuarina

Friday, July 13, 2007


the queen of all queen singing and dancing in the tune of "la isla bonita" at wembley stadium,london for live earth 07/07/07
enjoy and have a great weekend.

(thanks to youtube.com)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


so i finished cooking "adobo" it was a success, can't wait for dinner time...

then i went upstairs because my ocd-ness is kicking in a little bit,so i am re-organizing our closet and look what i found on the wall hanging, my other "lover" my monogram canvas bosphore pm,he's so handsome and lovely...although he's telling me he needs a prtner too,like the monogram canvas congo...aren't they look cute together.
anyways it's chow-time,hope you all are having a good evevning too.

(photo credit: http://eluxury.com)

Home Sweet Home

so today i googled "filipino restaurant" here in Miami and there's one,i can't believe it and it's located in North Miami Beach it's called Tatay's so i'm so excited to go and check it out,i got there with the help of John's Garmin C-340 very helpful,thanks "Jill" it's my day-off and im craving for some "chicharon bulaklak" aka fried pork intestine unfortunately they don't serve it there,what a shame.
but next door is the PK Oriental Store so i grabbed myself bottle of soysauce,coco vinegar,sweet chili sauce and pouch of tofu,i will fry that later for dinner with that sweet chili sauce,yum.
but right now i'm cooking pork adobo,so i better check the stove before i burn the casserole,i will see you later.

Your New Neighbors

this is the cover for July 2007 issue of W magazine,did you get your copy yet?!?!

(photo credit: http://style.com/)

shot by world most fabulous fashion photographer,Mr Steven Klein.

Happy Birthday Edwin

today is his big day,although i already wished him a happy birthday while he was visiting Miami,

big shout-out to you my friend,wishing you all the best ,good luck this year and many more to come.God Bless You and i am going to miss you terribly when you go back to the Island of Philippines...but i know you will be back soon.love you.
(photo taken last May 2007 in Bal Harbour Mall)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Classic Regine

hello...look what i found on the internet,Ms Songbird and Fernando Carillo of that famous telenovela "Rosalinda"
hope you enjoy this video its sweet.have a good afternoon.

Congratulations! ! !

good morning...i received an email from my good friend Sheila and i got her initial invitation to her grand day on February 15, 2008 i am hoping i can attend her wedding i am crossing my fingers tight,very tight...but for now a big congrats to her and Pappo...miss you guys.

(this photo was taken last September 2006 when she visited Washington,DC that's the Potomac River in the background )

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Posh and Perez

just before you go to bed a little cookie from miss posh spice...this is classic...watch out Paris!

Costco Night

hello...so today we decided to go to Costco after work,we were rushing because we don't know what time they're closing,but we have to stopped at Wendy's for a quickie dinner i had their chicken club and a side of chili...i know i am going to the gym tomorrow,promise!
so we barely made it to the store they close at 8:30pm and we got there like around 8:10pm so we're good,so finally i got these potsticker that my friend Francis have it all the time in their freezer,so i can't wait to try it myself maybe tomorrow for lunch.so that's all for tonight,hope you all have a good evening...xoxo.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday Night

i just got home tonight from work...what a monday for Banana Republic,we are so busy today,like literally we have like a mount everest of "go-backs" urgh!!! but we survived the night thanks to Ms.Patty my fave manager of all...she's the best,that is it for tonight, you all have a good night and sweet dreams....zzzzzzzzzzz.

They Are Coming Back

so it's official that my three fabulous friends from Washington DC and Sacramento Ca are coming to town in August to shake things up here in sunny Miami,i am so excited when Francis called and confirmed their flight itinerary so Miami get ready!!!
these picture was taken last April 2007 at Restaurant Saint Micheal
162 Alcazar AveCoral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 446-6572

Beautiful Monday

so finally our landlord took some action today by calling this company to fix our gate and what a relief because its been a week that our gate is wide open to the public and its not very safe here in Sunny Miami to have your gate wide open,okay.it's a good start of our week and i'm crossing my finger nothing will brake down...wish me luck,i am hoping you all are having a good start of the week too,its monday!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


so i picked up John at MIA and surprisingly he got here earlier than i expected so that is a first,knowing MIA is always late and lost baggage central...anyway so we decided to go to CPK (http://cpk.com/) for dinner and it was good,i had a barbeque chicken pizza and he ordered chipotle pizza,good food.so that is it for tonight,hope you all having a great night and dinner too.

Lazy Sunday

just got home from work today,i know its sunday and i have to work not to mention saturday too,but its okey atleast i have a job :-) anyway nothing special this weekend except for taking Petra for a walk,feeding her and playing with her, while John is in NC,actually i am going to pick him at Miami International Airpot tonight,so that's about it.i hope you guys had a great weekend and enjoying the heat of July.have a good one.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Quiet Friday

so i got good news,my friend Francis and Wilma are coming to Miami (august 2007) to visit and maybe Dr.Elman might follow that weekend too so this is going to be a FAB get together,i can't wait...
anyway its friday don't know my plans for tonight whether im going to stay in or do a movie or something,but im open.so this all for now its E!News time for gossip...my therapy...shhhh.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Kristina

happy birthday Kristina,wishing you all the best this year and many more to come.xoxo.
i miss you,come back and visit me here!!!

What are you looking at?

as Francis' request he wants me to pose with my Speedy30 Damier Azur for his fabulous blog so i did,ofcourse my pooch want to be in the picture also and i think she did fine with her pose...anyways cheers to Louis Vuitton,xoxo.
(please excuse my photo shoot location i have to do this on my own, i can't find a place to put the digital camera,minus the sack of rice and the garbage can.)

Wet Thursday

rain rain go away come again another day... yeah its been raining here non-stop, so me and petra are stuck in the house,but i went to the gym, inspite of the rain.so right now petra is taking a nap and im feeling tired too,got to go for now.have a good one.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

so yes, another year, another fourth of july celebration here in the States,its my 7th year so im really happy and thankful to Him, for all the blessing and good life this year...

so anyways we went to Peacock Park here in Coconut Grove to see these $10,000 worth of firecrackers and its worth waiting,i wish i can post the video i took from my Nokia N73(i need some help how to do it...) lots of people outside celebrating and just having a good time.

so cheers to everyone and God Bless us ALL...peace!!!

for pictionary tonight they had a concert there while waiting for the the fire-works display,the band called "first october"they played good and funky music...enjoy...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Speedy30 and Civic

p.s. here's a photo of my Speedy30 before leaving the mall.

Afternoon Delight

so i decided to go to Merrick Park here in Coral Gables to get some fresh air and enjoy the breeze of Miami, i love this mall because its an outdoor and good place just to relax and watch people...so i went to Neiman Marcus and went window shopping at LV,i have so many little things i want to buy...after that went to Nordstrom Cafe to get my fave drink the pomegranate iced tea so refreshing,try it! so this is all for now,hope you guys are having a great day...

Tuesday Morning

hello there its my day off today and beautiful outside so I'm debating if i want to go to the gym,beach or the mall....decision,decision...i guess the gym for now and decide later if i want to go the mall.so this all for now,more update later.have a good day.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Concert for D

oh i almost forgot,did you all watch the benefit concert (july 1,2007) for the late Princess Diana???

it's a must see concertof the summer,ofcourse everyone was there from Sir Elton John to Nelly Furtado,anyways it was a blast watching it,hope you guys didn't missed it because the two hottest prince's are onsight...anyways here a stolen shot of them.enjoy.we miss you princess of hearts.xoxo.

Crazy Monday

hi guys,sorry im tired right now,just got home from the gym so i'll give you more updates later.
its monday so nothing really happening yet,although our garage gate is broken so not good,knowing that our landlord is not very responsible and dependable when it comes to this kind of problem,so wish us luck hopefully she'll fix it ASAP...

Sunday, July 1, 2007


hello,today was pretty same old for me nothing really exciting happend to me at work,same old like customer trying million items in the store and ended up just buying a pair of socks,urgh!but its okey it's part of the job,i reached my sales goal though so i'm cool.so i got home like around 8:30pm and John decided to grill some ribeye steak he got from a local meat shop here in coconut grove,it was delish with a side of potato salad,coleslaw and apple sause,(hence all the calories in it!) who cares it the weekend and im going to the gym this week,so its all good.
so that's about it,i hope you guys had a great weekend too.summer has arrived.so do not forget your sunblock lotion and umbrella...have a good night and sweet dreams.

p.s. we watched Ratatouille last night it was good,you guys should watch it.