Thursday, July 5, 2007

What are you looking at?

as Francis' request he wants me to pose with my Speedy30 Damier Azur for his fabulous blog so i did,ofcourse my pooch want to be in the picture also and i think she did fine with her pose...anyways cheers to Louis Vuitton,xoxo.
(please excuse my photo shoot location i have to do this on my own, i can't find a place to put the digital camera,minus the sack of rice and the garbage can.)


spunky said...

so...what's the deal with your speedy30 damier azur??? petra had a good poise in this picture ha..ha..ha peace dude!!!

spunky said...

oh i forgot u have a lovelyyy background there, yeah behind you, bag of rice and a bin??? somethings wrong with these picture!!!