Sunday, July 15, 2007


just got home from work tonight and its a long day i started at 2pm 'till 11pm,but before that we went to Nordstrom Bistro for lunch had a great food there and of course we didn't miss their famous bread pudding,ohhhh so good,you should try it yourself,it melts in your mouth...literally.
then john picked me up at work and i need to stop by at mc donalds to get me a sundae that's about it,nothing special this weekend.unfortunately i have to wake up early today at 8am to go this meeting at work,urgh!!!! anyways have a good one to all of you and stay cool.

p.s. july 14th is Gianni Versace's 10th year Anniversary...please pray for him.we missed him.
photo above was his used to be mansion in Ocean Drive now it's Casa Casuarina

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